The company CARS-HIRE is located in the city centre of Corinth, on 39 Adeimantou St. and has been active in the car rental market for 30 years. Due to our many years of market presence, we have managed to create trusting relationships with our customers, making the name Vasilopoulos Car Rental synonymous with quality.

Our company stands out due to the high level of service we provide to individual clients, always at reasonable prices, maintaining high quality standards for our customers. We also offer special packages, exclusively for local businesses, but we also work with several hotels during the summer months - and more.

Meanwhile, we have a remarkable fleet of new cars, always ready to serve your every need. All our vehicles meet the strictest safety standards and are subject to regular inspection and maintenance. The company CARS-HIRE will satisfy your every transportation need, while giving you the most reasonable prices in the market, so it is the most reliable solution in the field of car rental in Corinth.


39 Adeimantou St., Postal Code:
20100, Corinth
Tel: (+30 27410) 25573